Market Shares

About our Market Shares

A market share is a money amount that you load onto a Three Goats Farm plastic card and you can then use that amount to buy whatever produce you want from our farmers market stand or our website (with delivery). Market shares don’t expire, if you have any money left over at the end of the season, it will roll over to the next year.

Market shares are good for people who want to be able to pick and choose the produce that they receive every week, and who may want different quantities on different weeks. Send us an email if you want a market share, as we are still learning exactly how to charge for this using Square. Farmers aren’t always the most tech savvy, so bear with us as we figure it out.


Market Share

  • Pick the produce you want, in whatever quantity you want
  • Shop at the market every week, or order online and get it delivered
  • Card balance doesn’t expire
  • Bonus credit (10-15%) for signing up earlier in the season


  • Receive large variety of produce weekly, plus exclusive items that are not sold at the market
  • Pick up at market or get it delivered
  • Biggest discount for the amount of produce you receive
  • Order fulfillment priority (if something were to happen to our crops, we would fulfill CSA shares first)