Pork Share

Pork shares are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Check back in 2021 for availability!

Here at Three Goats Farm, we believe our food should be clean, and all life should be respected. All of our livestock are treated to the best of life we can offer: open spaces to roam, daily fresh produce, and attention from all of our community members.

We understand the problematic nature of industrial farming; by offering these shares, we hope to offer our community affordable alternatives in order to keep families fed and our environment better protected.

Whole and half pigs can be reserved with a $100 non-refundable deposit for our next processing date. This deposit secures your share, and supports our farm in raising your share to size. We raise a KuneKune mixed breed, and you can expect the dressed weight of our pork to be 80lbs to 110lbs for a whole pig.  The current market price is $7.00/lb.  As the processing date approaches, we will send you a ‘cut sheet’ that allows you to choose your preferences between specific cuts, sausage and ground pork.

Follow our social media accounts for updates on future pork share opportunities!

Duck are Coming!

Stay tuned on opportunities to purchase live or slaughtered pekin ducks, as well as eggs!