Pork Shares


About Our Pork Shares

Here at Three Goats Farm, we believe our food should be raised as naturally as possible and that all organisms deserve respect for the important roles they play in our ecosystems. All of our livestock are treated to the best of life we can offer: open spaces to roam, daily fresh produce, and attention from all of our community members. Our KuneKune pigs are fed a diet of mostly pasture supplemented with Union Mills Nature’s Hog Grower feed, organic alfalfa, windfall apples in the fall, and any of the farm produce that does not get sold, used, or donated. The feed we get from Union Mills is local, antibiotic-free, hormone free, corn-free and soy-free.

Pork shares are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will not have any pork shares available until 2024.

Why KuneKunes?

KuneKunes are an old traditional breed from New Zealand that are known for their friendly dispositions and excellent grazing abilities. They are a medium sized pig with longish hair, wattles, and smushed noses. They are excellent lawn mowers, blackberry removers, pets, and also meat pigs. Commercially raised pigs are bred to grow quickly and produce lean meat, but KuneKunes take longer to mature (14-18 months) and their meat is richly flavored, dark pink-red and marbled with fat. The pigs accumulate a layer of lard on their backs that can be used for cooking, baking or making soap/candles. KuneKune meat has been called “the Kobe beef of pork” and qualifies as a rare breed pork.

We understand the problematic nature of industrial farming; by offering these shares, we hope to offer our community local alternatives for high quality meat that you wouldn’t be able to get in many stores. As we like to say, on a good farm, the animals only have one bad day, and we do our best to enrich their lives while we are their caretakers.

Whole and half pigs can be reserved with a $100 non-refundable deposit for our next processing date. This deposit secures your share, and supports our farm in raising your share to size. The $100 will go towards the final price of the pork once it is weighed. We raise a KuneKune mixed breed, and you can expect the hanging weight of our pork to be 80-120lbs for a whole pig. For reference, the hanging weight of the first pigs we butchered at 12 months old ranged from 103-123 lbs. The current market price is $4.50/lb. Additionally, share owners will be responsible for paying the butcher costs directly to the butcher when they pick up their cuts. This year we are working with Ebner’s Custom Meats in Canby. Click HERE to visit their website for more information about them.

Hanging weight is the weight of the pig after slaughter with the organs and blood removed. This is usually around 60% of the weight of the pig at slaughter. Our estimate is that our pigs will be around 100 lbs hanging weight. 20% of the hanging weight is bones, and the rest is muscle and fat. Each share owner will call Ebner’s directly and give them custom cutting instructions. They are not able to render the fat for you, but they can separate it and give it to you. YOU WILL NEED TO SPECIFICALLY ASK THEM TO SAVE THE LARD FOR YOU, OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY LARD IN YOUR ORDER.

  • Ebner’s Custom Meats
  • (503) 266-5678
  • 272 N Grant St, Canby, OR


  • Frontier mobile slaughter: $80 per pig
  • Three Goats Farm Price: $4.50/lb
  • Whole/Half Hog: $0.90/lb
  • Cure or ham/bacon*: $1.00/lb
  • Some ground sausage included in processing

Sample Cost for a Whole Pork Share

  • Hanging weight: 100 lbs
  • $80 for Mobile Slaughter fee
  • $4.50 x 100 lbs= $450 to Three Goats Farm
  • $0.90 x 100 lbs= $90 to Ebner’s
  • Extra for curing or processing
  • Total: $620 + more for extra processing

Once the pig is slaughtered, it will hang at the butcher’s for 2-3 weeks before being processed, and then you will have up to 2 weeks to pick up your share from Ebner’s.