Ferment and Pickle Clubs

How it Works

Love fermented food? We’ve got you covered! Each member receives one of our pickled or fermented items every other week for the 20 weeks of the summer CSA (June 7-Oct. 18).

Pick-up from the farm, Downtown West Linn or Hawthorne Farmers Market every other week. If purchased as an add-on to a CSA share (full or half), it will be included in your share twice a month.

Example of things we’ve made:

  • Plain sauerkraut
  • Garlic dill sauerkraut
  • Beet sauerkraut
  • Turmeric ginger sauerkraut
  • Cabbage and daikon radish kimchi
  • Cucumber pickles (garlic dill, fancy, spicy)
  • Pickled spicy carrots
  • Pickled jalapeños
  • Pickled beets (gold and purple)
  • Pickled oyster mushrooms
  • Hot sauces